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Clearing IFS "Unattached Burdens" and "Legacy Burdens"with Compassionate Depossession

Compassionate Depossession is the practice of identifying, separating, and escorting other consciousnesses out of our energy body in a good way for everyone.

The observation that we can have another consciousness with us is older than human writing. Talk of ghosts, hauntings, and spirits appeared when we as a species took stylus to clay tablets in Mesopotamia. No longer the stuff of fantastical Hollywood movies, modern psychological practitioners are beginning to observe and understand this phenomenon, too.

Internal Family Systems: an IFS perspective

Internal Family Systems, IFS, is a type of therapy that believes we are all made up of several parts or sub-personalities. IFS focuses on healing the wounded "parts" and restoring mental balance and harmony by changing the dynamics that create discord among the sub-personalities and the Self. "Parts" are an organic part of the greater Self. Parts have job descriptions and carry 'burdens.' The part is not the burden itself!

Unattached Burdens and Legacy Burdens

In recent years, some Internal Family Systems therapists have observed 'parts' that do not originate with the client themselves. The IFS terms for these non-organic parts are "unattached burdens" or "legacy burdens." It is recognized that these part-like voices belong to someone else. It is recognized that these part-like voices also come from somewhere else.

When the part is not organic to the client, the goal is not to harmonize the non-organic part with the rest of the parts. The goal in this case is to help them move to the place where they belong; outside of the client.

Who are the Unattached Burdens?

Unattached Burdens and Legacy Burdens may be Ancestors. They may be something else entirely. We don't know who they really are until we take a close look.

After death, and being goes through a process. Though we know some details, this process is part of the greater mystery. One feature of this process is that the dead are living in a dream of their own. As part of this dream, there is a process of 'becoming' in which we transition from being just a dead human into being a luminous, well Ancestor. Sometimes this maturing process gets derailed and they get a little stuck. Sometimes they get stuck in their own dream. Our work is to help wake them up from their dream so that they can perceive their situation more clearly. Then, we can help them make better choices.

Why are they still here?

Like parts, the unattached burdens/legacy burdens have jobs to do. Sometimes they have chosen these jobs. Other times, they have been given these jobs by others. Often, the jobs are to keep the client safe from something. In many cases, that 'something' is no longer happening. We often find that the unattached burden ('UB') or legacy burden took an oath or a promise in their lifetime or at their deathbed to safeguard the family which has not yet been resolved. The unattached burden, the spirit of the deceased, doesn't seem to recognize that the threat is no longer present; they continue doing their 'job' long after it is needed. That 'job' becomes a block in the life of the living client.

Clearing the IFS Unattached Legacy Burden with Compassionate Depossession

Working with Divine Guardians of Compassion, we help to wake up the consciousness of the unattached burden. We release them from their old job description and clear the IFS unattached legacy burden with compassionate depossession. Now they can continue their journey to its next step in becoming a luminous, well Ancestor.

If you and your IFS therapist have determined that you have an unattached legacy burden, a non-organic part, fill out the intake form to begin your process of requesting a clearing session with me.

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