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Spirit-Directed Energy Clearing

Curse Unraveling
Compassionate Depossession
Mediumship With Spirits
Energy Hygiene Support And Instruction

Coaching for Your Shamanic Practice


Let’s Map And Clear Your Energetic Landscape
Steer Your Life With Confidence Again

What Does It Look Like When Energies Are Undermining You?
What Are They? What Can You Do About Them?

Energies are all around us. Some of these energies make life difficult.

If your life resembles something in the list below, let’s take a look and clear things up.


You Experience Unusual Negative Self-Talk or Have Difficulty Thinking.

Another consciousness may be overshadowing your thoughts. Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioners sometimes call these consciousnesses unattached burdens or legacy burdens. When there’s another consciousness in your energy field, it’s like having two radio stations playing in your head at the same time. This makes it harder to focus and keep to your purpose. Mental fogginess or difficult thinking may be showing up for you, especially if this comes on all at once or after an event or a death in the family. When you clear the causes, you can settle on one station — yours — and tune out the noise. Your mental clarity returns to what life was like for you before.

When this is the case, Compassionate Depossession helps the other consciousness find a better place to be. Compassionate Depossession is a kinder, gentler form of disentangling and releasing a spirit from your energy field.

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You Experience Negative Repeating Patterns That Are Difficult to Break or Change.

Sometimes our Ancestors have unfinished business, and they’re trying to work it all out. You may become entangled with it. Curses, oaths, and contracts from the Ancestors exert strong energetic templates on your daily life which can hem you in, forcing you to run a maze you don’t even know is there. Perhaps you experience something which always comes up to derail you from your chosen path?

Curse Unraveling or Thoughtform Unraveling may be what’s needed here to free you from an energetic snarl that’s altering your path. When you see and clear this old business and these old agreements, your enclosing walls disappear and you can go in the direction you want. You become disentangled. And free.

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You Have Body Pain That Does Not Change, No Matter The Therapy You’ve Tried.

Spiritual energetic intrusions may lodge in your physical body creating inexplicable pain that does not go away or respond to traditional manual therapies. Clearing the energetic sources of these intrusions gives your body back its own internal space. When you do this, the pain gradually subsides over time.

Energy Hygiene Support and Instruction may be what’s needed to help you better maintain the integrity of your body and energetic spaces.

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You Experience Unusual Phenomena.

When there is another consciousness or intelligence in your living space, you may be seeing things out of the corner of your eye, hearing inexplicable sounds, or experiencing unseen hands touching your body. When these presences are offered a better place to be and are cleared, these occurrences stop.

Compassionate Depossession, Psychopomp, and Space Clearing may be what’s needed.

It could also be that your natural mediumistic abilities are strong. Some spirits come closer to us when they know we can perceive them. Learning more about Mediumship practices with protection can help you understand this about yourself and will give you more control over your capacities and abilities.

Do any of the above scenarios sound familiar?
Or maybe something else is going on?

If so, click here to set up a healing session.

When you can bring it into the light, you can see it, clear it, and be free of its influence. You can chart a new direction for yourself.
“The way you think it is may not be the way it is at all.”

~ St. Oran  

What clients say about spirit-directed energy clearing in the animist tradition:

"I would say that I feel clear and unburdened, and empowered in a general overarching sense. I seem to be able to access joy and happiness more easily and hang on to it longer. I am smiling much, much more than I was before. My response to stress, both chronic and acute, is much better. I feel more balanced overall. My physical health has improved as well, across the board.”

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“The way you think it is may not be the way it is at all.”

~ St. Oran

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