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Systemic Constellations

Family Constellations
Nature Constellations
Organizational Constellations

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What Are The Systems You Are Embedded In?


Your family system is the system you can’t get away from. Pressure from the Ancestors is one of your biggest and strongest unseen currents — they have unfinished business that is rolling down to you. The number of your Ancestors doubles with each generation that came before you. That’s a lot of unfinished business. Untended, your Ancestors’ unfinished business is a flash flood, sweeping you away and pulling you under.

Your Nature system, the natural place where you live, is another big system you’re swimming in. It also exerts its wildness and whips you with its winds.

You are also embedded in peer groups (“peer pressure”, anyone?), your community, and possibly a business system. Certainly, the systems of politics, country, and the whole system of humanity, influence and toss you around, too.


What Can You Do About These Hidden Dynamics?


Systemic Constellations let you see what’s really going on behind the scenes and what secrets your systems want you to know.  When you see what's actually there, your systems stop pushing on you and relax. Then you can live your life again.


"Whose problem was it before it was yours?
Whose wounded heart are you carrying in your heart?"


— facilitator and teacher Dan Booth Cohen

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Systemic Constellation Maps These Hidden Currents, Gives Your Systems What They Need, And Lets You Rest.

When you can see and address these Fields, their currents subside, letting you travel on in peace.

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