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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions that I receive from clients and my answers to them.

How Many Sessions Will This Take?

This depends on the cause of the root issue and how connected and enmeshed it is with other energies in your energetic field. I cannot know this in advance, though I usually get a sense of it after you've sent in your intake form and I've had a chance to examine the issue a bit. The answer depends on how long-standing and embedded your energetic snarl is, and on where it came from. Often there is complexity that needs multiple sessions to be completely cleared.


A good rule of thumb is: "Five Miles In, Five Miles Out", meaning if it took a long time to put the issue in place, it may also take more than one session to clear the ingrained causes completely. Many clients, myself included, require a number of sessions to address and clear long-embedded patterns.

Why Didn't Our Session Fix My Issue? Why Don't I Feel Better?

Even though we did solid, deep work in our session, you may have multiple issues working together which are causing what you are experiencing. We can only work with what emerges on a given day. Until we clear all of the portions of the constellation of causes, you may still experience some difficulty.

I Felt Better After Our Session, But Now Things Are Difficult Again

Our energy system has energetic 'weather'; energies can come and go and your energetic landscape changes depending on the energies it is subject to. When we do a big clearing, you will likely experience a goodly time of feeling expanded, spacious, clear, and calm. If there is another pressing issue, it may move into this new space that has opened up for it. This is not a bad thing: this just lets us know that now that the other issue is cleared, there is enough space and life force for this issue to show itself. The good news is: that which we can perceive, we can clear. Now we can get to a deeper part of the issue.

How Long Does A Session Last?

My sessions average between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Please plan for at least 2 hours. Don't plan on jumping into anything right after :-) I recommend that you give yourself the rest of the day after our session for integration and stillness.

How Much Is This Going To Cost?

My session fee is $225 for a spirit-directed energy healing session. 

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