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   Clear What Undermines You   
      Recraft Your Energetic Landscape     

You Were Not Born To Be Eroded By The Energies Around You


I help you map and clear the energies that diminish you so that you can take charge of your own life again. Together we repair and rebuild your energetic landscape to be a resource to support what you desire.

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Jeffrey Rich is an Energy Healer in an Animist tradition and he is a certified Systemic and Family Constellations Facilitator. 
He lives in Western North Carolina and offers sessions world-wide via Zoom.

Are you in a landscape of confusion, smallness, and powerlessness? You are not alone. I’ve found paths through this territory and can help you find your path, too. I’ve discovered effective techniques that help you emerge into the freedom and wholeness that is your birthright.

My beloved teachers and guides on my journey include

Betsy Bergstrom in animism, the ways of Beings, energy and energetic landscapes, Compassionate Depossession, and Curse Unraveling 

Túpaq T'tito Kuntur in earth-centered Andean Mystic Cosmology and the rich understanding of our energetic anatomy


Francesca Mason-Boring who taught me about the Knowing Field and who certified me to facilitate Systemic Family Constellations and Nature Constellations


Johannes Gårdbäck who taught me traditional Swedish Trolldom 

These beloved mentors teach me about the energies of the natural world, how they affect us, and how to clear and navigate them in beautiful, compassionate ways.


My first career was as a software developer and IT professional. I bring those problem-solving skills to the table. For ten years, I sang as a professional musician with the Baroque group Apollo’s Fire. I imbue that love of beauty, song, and poetry into my work.  


I specialize in a variety of energy healing techniques that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I am trained and experienced in the following:

Compassionate Depossession

Curse and Thoughtform Unraveling

Shamanic & Animist Energy Healing

Mentoring and Training

Nature Constellations

Systemic and Family Constellations

What My Clients Say

Jeffrey is an extremely qualified and wonderful practitioner. He is thoughtful and gentle in his approach to communicating with clients, making sure to listen and address individual needs. His depth of knowledge is incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend him!

Claire G. yoga instructor

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“The way you think it is may not be the way it is at all.”

~ St. Oran

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